2 days into my ovulation week I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. Once on each day. The 3rd day, in the morning, I took the Aftera pill. A few days later on what would be my main fertile day we had unprotected sex again and I did not take the pill again. 2 days later I started the light bleeding, from the pill I assume because I'm not due for my actual period for another almost 2 weeks. My question is, is there still a possibility that I could end up pregnant since we had unprotected sex 4 days after I took the pill? Has anyone else gone through this? Would I still go through the bleeding from the pill and have the possibility of ending up pregnant by the time my regular period would come? I have very regular periods and have gotten pregnant before during my ovulation week so I would like to say it's pretty accurate and that's why I'm a little worried. Any answers and/or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!