Now before anyone gives me any grief its not me being a silly little girl and having sex for the sake of it, I accidetally missed two pills in a row and then carried on as normal, I had only just re started the next pack when it happened, I did miss the two pills the days before it happenedso Im really worried.
In breif what happened was not my choice and I really don't want to go into it as I am about to talk to my parents and the police but in short it forced, I cried, I was strangled and slapped and even have bruises from so please no judgement, I may be being paranoid but I believe there is a possibility of pregnancy because the missed pills, and it was unprotected, I'm very scared, this is the last thing I want, I'm waiting for and of my pill pack got 5 days to go but really want to stop now and see, as. Bleed should start as normal right as I carried pills on as normal? Opinions please?