I went to a hotel party & i didnt bring my birth control pills with me for the next day but i did take it the day i went to the party. Early on a Sunday morning at the hotel me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex, he did not cum in me, but theres always a chance of precum. i got home 2 hours later of the regular time i was supposed to take the pill ,but i did take it as soon as i got home. this week is my placebo week (the week im supposed to take the brown pills to get my period) im on the 2nd pill and my period hasn't come yet. i have cramps here and there, and my back is seriously aching. my breast are a little bit tender but not that much. ive had alot of headaches also. I am confused because the first month of my pill my cramps were horrible and now there not. i dont know if its because of the pills or if i could be pregnant. Ive been stressing out lately because i think i am pregnant. What are the chances of me being pregnant?