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In had unprotected sex on first pack of 13th day. but he pulled out. can I still get pregnant?

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DzooBaby 7 Dec 2013

If you have had at least seven days of active pills with no misses then you are protected. Again, I want to stress that "pulling out" does little to nothing to protect you from pregnancy. Men leak sperm all throughout the sex act. They cannot feel this leakage and they cannot control it but it CAN get you pregnant without protection. Fortunately for you, you should have been on the Pill long enough to be protected even if he had "finished" or ejaculated within you.

harlowe_gurl 7 Dec 2013

but what if I missed the pill but I took it the same day. will I still get pregnant

harlowe_gurl 7 Dec 2013

im sorry the nexy day

harlowe_gurl 7 Dec 2013

I have missed 2 pills but it wasnt back to back.

DzooBaby 9 Dec 2013

Missing one pill and making it up the next day is usually okay. Missing two or more puts you at a higher risk (and the more you miss the higher the risk). You had "protected sex" in relation to pregnancy because you are using the Pill. You had "unprotected sex" in relation to STD's because you didnt use a condom. Condom use while on the Pill is for STD protection, not contraception-your pill provides contraception. The reason they tell you to use condoms in combination with the Pill (unless they are needed for "back Up" protection) is to protect you against STDs, not to prevent pregnancy, so it is a choice whether or not you want to use them. If you are sure that your partner is STD free then you dont have to use them unless you really want to (for instance, if you tend to forget your pills often, you may want to use condoms for back up just in case)

kaismama 7 Dec 2013

If you miss a pill but take it the next day you will be protected. If you miss 2 or more in a row you should use a condom for a week.oh you didn't have unprotected sex you are protected from pregnancy by the. Pill.

harlowe_gurl 7 Dec 2013

No I had unprotected sex. Bit I took the pill before I had sex

DzooBaby 9 Dec 2013

she doesnt get it free discount card

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