Okay so ive asked about this before but now I'm asking again with different info that I have now. Different things that been going on with me. Okay. So I had unprotected sex Nov.24.2012 took next choice about 62 hours later. didn't recieve my period that was expecte to come around the 28th of nov. but it's normal since next choice delays it a bit. But see I've tooken plan b before and I've always got my period in a week. Not this time. It also says if you dnt get your period in a week you may be pregnant. Here's where things get weird! well days after all this I started getting heat flashes something I never experienced ? Waking up sweating ? Which never happens! cramping everyday! Till this day! Head aches ! Something that I dnt get a lot mood swings! and something I've got recently... Morning sickness ! Throwing up that yellow acid fluid! As you know now today is Dec. 26 well till this day I have NOT recieved a period! And I spotted for a day and a half 4 days ago! I also took a pregnancy text that read positive with a super faint line. Easy to read there was no need to put it up to the light... I went to the clinic took a test and it came out negative ? I'm confused and dnt know wat to think ... Can something be wrong with me ? Didnt recieve my period for nov. now dec ? It's crazy! and I forgot to mention my boobs have been super sore they hurt so bad! And I've been so tired ! I used to be the life of the party now I get tired and wanna sleep all the time. I just dnt know if I should wait ER wat now ! )):