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I had unprotected sex afterward I took my pill same day after 4 hours. Can I get pregnant?

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kaismama 23 Mar 2014

I'm confused, exactly what pill did you take?

sweet79 23 Mar 2014

I took yasmin pill.

kaismama 25 Mar 2014

If you're taking your pill on time every day, then you have a less then a 1% chance of pregnancy.

Inactive 25 Mar 2014

If you have been taking your Yasmin regularly before hand then it should not be an issue. However it is advised to take this type of contraception around the same time. Unprotected sex always holds some risk of getting pregnant, do not think that you pill will prevent pregnancy completely you should always use a condom to be safe unless your aim is to conceive.

sweet79 25 Mar 2014

2 years already since I take yasmin pill and I took last month also completely. I decided Not to tAke this month then My hubby forgot to pull out. And then after 4 hours I started to take yasmin pill. Until now i continue this pill. Can I get pregnant?

Inactive 26 Mar 2014

There is always a chance as the pill will not be actively in your system. My best advice would be to see your gp and get a pregnancy test done in 2 weeks time to be safe.

sweet79 26 Mar 2014

what if I'm conceive? what should I do to abort this unplanned pregnancy in ( less than a month).

Inactive 27 Mar 2014

You should book in to see your doctor and get a pregnancy test, from there your doctor will be able to cover all your options. Good luck and all the best

sweet79 27 Mar 2014

Thank you very much :) free discount card

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