i got my period on march 25th and it ended march 30th, on april 5th me and my boyfriend were messing around and he was rubbing his penis on my hole and im very sure there was precum, i had read that precum can only get a female pregnant if there is left over sperm from their last ejaculation which he did and after he did ejaculate we had takin a rest and went at it again doing the same thing (just the rubbing no pentration) so im guessing his precum was filled with sperm from the time he ejaculated, this process happened 2-3 times that day, and since it was on the day april 5th im guessing it was my ovulation day because i had searched it on an ovulation calender online and that was supposed to be my first day of ovulation, i had takin plan b 2 days later on april 7th (couldnt get it any sooner) just to make sure and rule out any possibilities. im worried that maybe the "sperm filled pre-cum" as i like to call it might have swam up and fertilized my egg which im guessing i was starting my ovulation that day which makes me even more terrified, and another thing thats worrying me is how late i took the plan b pill, it was around the 57th hour mark,what is the possibility that i could end up pregnant? and another thing what does it mean if i had gotten white oderless discharge hours later after this whole situation between me and him had happened? does it mean im ovulating or does it mean something else?