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I have unopened Amoxicillan dated 2008, is it ok to use?

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kaismama 13 Nov 2012

It may not be as effective, because of age, but other then that they may be ok.

Inactive 13 Nov 2012

Hello Marcus. Yes it is. Regards pledge

Inactive 13 Nov 2012

Is this a pill, capsule or a non constituted bottle? Where has the medicine been kept? Has it been exposed to heat, cold, light or humidity? Was it stored in a bathroom? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, or the medication is reconstituted, then then the effectiveness may have been compromised. Especially the reconstituted liquid. Throw that away. Otherwise, it is ok to take, and is probably good strength.

happybrandee 14 Nov 2012

If it were me, I would not use it! But that is just my opinion, but I just wouldn't trust any drug, unopened or opened if it is more than a year old. They put expireation dates on drugs for a reason.

jenrat79 14 Nov 2012

I'm a nurse and I take expired medication a lot because we can get it free. The drug companies are required to put exp dates on all meds. There is no harm to your body from exp meds, the only possibility is that the med may not be quite as effective as when it was first manufactured. But personally I have never noticed a difference. free discount card

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