okay so im 5 6" and i used to weigh 140.. i dont know where that is on the weight to hieght to age scale but im skinny, i always have been. i never had any illnesses or diseases recently that would cause this but i weighed myself two days ago and i was 140, yesterday i was 137.. and today im 135. i weighed myself at the same time each day. i havent been eating normal which is why im losing weight i know, but i try to eat, i just am not hungry and when i eat its really hard to eat.. its like my stomach is super full all of the time. a few times of the day i force my self to eat because i know i need to, but i get full after like 4 bites and end up not finishing any meal. but when i do force myself to eat it makes the left side of my stomach hurt.. like some ones stabbing it. ive been really light headed and i feel kinda dazed all the time.
has this happened to anyone? can someone tell me what it is?