After having a collapsed lung 5 my seemingly healthy life seems to have started to crumble, at least that's how it feels. I'm 19 and I've been diagnosed with acid reflux, I've been taking medication to reduce the irritation, so hopefully that works, my throat is still extremely red after a 2 weeks of using it. That aside I was wondering if anyone else experiences some other symptoms I've been having. Aside from acid reflux, I get tight, dull, aching chest pain in the upper middle part of my chest in between my breasts (i'm a guy). It comes and goes for weeks without noticing it. I also get random "attacks" of dull pain on my left side of my breast and under my armpit on my left side towards the rib. I'm not sure why this happens as I don't lift or anything. I use the computer a lot and sit far away so I thought maybe that was the reason, because the pain went away eventually a few months ago, but now it came back. All the doctors say, "anxiety" "stress" or "probably from acid reflux". I'm not anxious or stress UNTIL I feel the pain however. I think it may be costochondritis from what I see symptom wise but I'm not sure, I've had blood work done and it all came back good. If anyone has these symptoms or knows what I'm talking about please leave your input, thanks.