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Any undetectable drug that could cause a severe attack of anxiety,paranoia and psychosis?

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16 Jan 2013

There are few totally undetectable drugs. What you're describing could be from steroids, cocaine, or amphetamines.

17 Jan 2013

katemo74,Any antidepressant could cause this as well. It's happened to me several times when trying a new AntiD. I would have to immediately stop that one and start another.There are ALOT of street drugs, especially "designers",Ecstasy, GHB,that's the liquid form of Rohybinal,but much purer and totally undetectable in any sort of test.The Pill form is detectable in a blood test,but not the liquid.

17 Jan 2013

Cholesterol drugs can affect people that way-it happened to me. I realized that I wasn't me. Also, have you had your thyroid checked? In the past many people with thyroid problems ended up in mental institutions-mostly for depression, but it can create paranoia, and pseudo-psychosis. Good psychiatrists do a thyroid test. At the VA, it is standard protocol to run a thyroid test on incoming patients, or new patients.
I hope that this helps you-by the way, a thyroid problem is usually very inexpensive to treat-pennies a day. Please get back to us.

tejas129 17 Jan 2013

Great answer meyati!! It's true that I had numerous thyroid panels done during my time on AntiD's, to see if that might be the reason for my weird reactions to many of them.I had totally forgotten about that.

meyati 17 Jan 2013

I'm glad that you could forget about that. By this comment-I hope that you've been fairly healthy, bc you had good doctors.

Take care--

17 Jan 2013

I had a major depression and was prescibed Seroquel. That gave me a psychoatic episode. I was in the hospital after that for 6 months before they found the right meds for me. What have you taken, have you had one yourself?

Take care,


tejas129 17 Jan 2013

katemo74, I'm wondering if this is the first panic attack you have experienced.I was rereading the thread and remembered the first one I had ever had.I was 38 years old,and it scared me out of my mind.Literally. It took longer to get over it,than it took for it to lasted for maybe 5 -10 minutes,but the fear that it caused,the sense of something inside me turning on myself took weeks for me to deal with.That was my minds way of letting me know that I HAD to deal with the traumas that happened so many years before,when I was a child.I had always thought that I could just walk away from all of that,because those people could'nt hurt me anymore.That would not be the last one,but that's what started the process of remembering,dealing with,acceptance,and finally, forgiveness. Just my experience... These things can happen due to many other things as well.

smileyhappy 18 Jan 2013

My pchychoatic episode was from the Seroquel and it was not a panic attack. Is that what you tought a pshychoatic episode was? I was really sick with the episode. Some meds just don't react well with some people.


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