I stumbled across this website when my doctor put me on armour thyroid about a week ago. I have suffered from thyroid problems for about 12 years or so. I have went thru thyroid storms, goiters, hypo and hyper thyroid (mainly hypo) and finally diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis. I quit going to my endo because all he wanted to do is monitor me and put me on baby dose of synthroid when I argued and begged that I didn't feel better. I felt and feel horrible. Been to many docs and various levels of synthyroid over the years. It is early since I have been switched from latest synthroid (100mg) to armour thyroid (2gr) (about a week) so I know to be patient.

My questions are:
1. I read about a website a lot of you recommend, but can't find it now. What was it? (I already checked out Mary Shomon's website and it has been a lifesaver..she has taught me more than ANY doctors!)
2. Seemed like there were supplements some of you suggested. I seem to not be able to sleep through the night now and awaken early since starting armour. I'm not alarmed, as it seems there was a post on here about taking a supplement that helped with that at night. Also hair is about half gone after all of the years of horrible thyroid problems. What do you suggest to take?

I am at my wits end, esp. with this new doctor (I have been to her twice now). She told me that I was neurotic approaching 40 and my weight gain was due to my age and depression. When I explained to her they told me the same thing when I was turning 30 and it ended up being a thyroid storm she argued that I didn't have one. Doc also stated that my weight gain could be related to Zrytec that I have to take for allergies. When I explained to her that I haven't been on Zrytec the last 10 years and have had yo-yo weight problems, she went to another suggestions, everything but thyroid. She thinks I need antidepressants--which I am not against taking--but have been on them before when I really needed them and I am not depressed now. Unless you count getting called neurotic by a doctor and have to argue for your health all the time. UGH, anyone would feel anxiety and depressed after that. I don't want to get put on antidepressants and have the weight gain associated with them when I feel this is not addressing my actual problem. I have tried so many doctors, all have argued with my endo who said I have had thyroid storms and hashimotos, even when I brought them doctor/lab reports!! I gain and lose 40 + pounds in a few months time, without change in diet/exercise. I can go to the gym all day and gain weight or sit at home drinking cokes and eating candy and lose weight--it just depends on where I am at with my thyroid. It kicks on and off constantly which is consistent with Hashimotos. Not to mention all the fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, foggy brain, mood swings, etc. that goes along with thyroid problems. Why do doctors feel the need to argue with lab reports and your symptoms and stick to a "number" when determining how you feel? My poor husband says all the time not to give up that we will find a doctor that will listen, he just wants the old me back. Him and me both!! At least I have a good support system there, so I can say I am blessed.

I am going back for my 6 weeks blood work in about 5 weeks and she is checking hormones, and all--which is good. She put me on Armour thyroid--which I have tried to get on before with no luck. I just weighed myself and I have lost 9 pounds since my dr. visit a week ago!! So this seems to be working already. I just don't know if I can trust a doctor who puts me down and calls me neurotic. I feel like the only reason she listened to me is my sister is a patient of hers (for about 3 years) and I go with my sister to each appt. My sister sat and argued with her this last time about my thyroid issues, esp. the weight gain and loss. Doc then put me on armour. She does great with my sister (who has other health issues) but I don't feel she listens to me. I guess I will wait and see after lab work is done and I go back for follow up on if I should find a new doctor. If my weight keeps coming off and I feel better then she will see I wasn't neurotic/depressed. But how will I trust her with other issues if she already sees me that way?? My problem with finding a new doctor is that most around here will not write a script for Armour.

Sorry this is so long, but any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks in advance!! :)