I heard a lot about "Nutritionist weight loss pills" and /or "Medical weight loss", but was not interested till a friend started using it. I found a nutritionist in my area and went. Paid $90 + 20 B-12 shot. An internal medicine asked few questions about what i ve tried (but was only for medical ethic, she really did not care). At the consultation i weighed 168 and im 5'3 29yrs. She stepped out and came back with the pills. She gave me phentermine 30mg (yellow capsule) to take before breakfast and phendimetrazine 35mg (light yellow rounded small tablet) to take at 3pm if i still feel hungry. She told me that the average weight loss is about 5% (in 28days).I've been on the pills for 4 days today and have not scale but i do feel amazing, lot of energy, no cravings neither hungry and 0 side effects besides dry mouth. Someone i know went to the same doctor weighing over 250 pounds and lost 32lbs in 4 weeks. My goal is 38lbs before summer time. Not sure if i have the right mg for my goal. Can anyone help me???