Since Oct 2014 to now I have been switched to different meds about 11 times that I can recall. I am currently on citalopram 40 mg for depression it makes me tired but I can't go to sleep and at first it seemed after a month it was working on my mood but now I'm feeling like crap again I hate it I feel like I'm such a dissapointment .what should I do? and also on prazosin for nightmares 6mg. The prazosin gives me a headache and since I have sinus issues and suffer from migraines it's real bad sometimes I have to go to the E.R to get it to stop but the Dr. Says to keep taking it. I don't take the 6mg I can't deal with the headaches am I wrong for that? And as for my sexual desires they are non existent since I have been prescribed antidepressants. I have alot of anxiety also... What should I do?