hypothroidism - I was elated because I thought I would feel like a human again and maybe loose some of this weight. I began taking 50mcg synthroid for hypothyroidism back in November 2015 - TSH went down to 3.64 (normal range), Free T3 went down slightly (expected that) and Free T4 went up slightly. My doctor increased my synthroid to 75 mcg and later added cytomel because I just feel like a zombie still... and none of the weight coming off either. My TSH was too high yesterday (0.11) and the Free T3 was 10 (expected that as well)... Free T4 was only slightly higher (original 0.9 now 1.17). I've reduced my synthroid back down to 50 mcg and kept my cytomel the same. ~ okay here's the question: Do any of you out there still weigh the same? I keep waiting for the weight to fall off like everyone else says... but it's not happening. Yes, today is the first day that I've felt like exercising and didn't collapse afterwards from exhaustion. Yes, last night was the first night that I actually slept all night long. Yes, I am impatient and busy and working a lot (not gonna change that last part ever). I feel better than I've felt in a decade or more... so are there a group of you out there who never lost any weight or will it start coming off soon? any crystal balls out there?