I have had an under active thyroid,{ hypothyroidism }, for at least 5 years, but I am allergic to thyroxine, and so take liothyronine 2 tabs a day. At the moment I have developed grossly swollen feet and legs. I have usually got edema, but not as bad as this time, as I couldn't get my compression socks on until this morning at 4-o'clock am, {I don't sleep well}, with my socks on, I am in great pain, as my legs feel like they are going boom, boom, boom, with the pulse beats. I read on your site somewhere that edema, and Hypothyroidism, and I.B.S. were connected, is this true?? I had bloods for thyroid done to-day, Thursday 10/11/16. , as I told doctor that my thyroid was wonky again, and told him to look up your site, but going onto professional bit of site and staying on the American part of site, as British part didn't tell me a lot. Can somebody tell me if my question is true?