I've been going through this for a long time and it hasn't gotten better even after all the GP appointments and dental products I tried, so I'm gonna try to explain this more like a story that started over 2 years ago...

After Year 7, somewhere during my summer holidays I began to experience some pretty bad breath and dry mouth for most of the time. I didn't think too much of it at the time and kind of brushed it off since I didn't really talk too much back then. After summer I went back to school and noticed my mouth felt horrible on the first day, when I'd open my mouth all I could smell was my horrible breath. I tried to keep my mouth closed for the rest of the day but my class realised it wasn't like me to be so quiet.

Skip over a few months and I would have tried almost every mouthwash I could find in my local Boots. I got an OraBrush, dry mouth mouthwashes and toothpastes, oral thrush medication and even tried oil pulling. Nothing worked. I decided to go to my local GP to figure out what the hell was going on in my mouth; every doctor I would go to would simply say it's nothing and that my mouth was fine. They would give me the occasional oral thrush medication but nothing would work. It really did piss me off considering they wouldn't even try much beside looking at my tongue. It's somewhat understandable since it isn't a hospital. After going through another half-year of this I've just had enough. School was fine at the start of this problem but after "losing" two of my closest friends because of this I feel like my confidence took a huge hit and I just can't live having to cover my mouth whenever someone comes too close to my face.

Factors to note:
-I don't know exactly when it happened but it seems to have been near puberty although I know that at that time I wasn't hit by any of the main symptoms like sweating a lot and just generally feeling awkward.
-My tongue really feels like it's not at all normal a lot of the time, this isn't all the time though since I also feel like the corners of my mouth are really bad sometimes.
-It kinda got worse after time, I felt like there was even a smell coming out of my nose at times. Swallowing mucus became a problem and breathing in general would sometimes be a hassle. (the breathing part isn't as bad as it seems).
-Literally every product I tried failed. Some sorta-kinda-not-really helped while others just flopped after a few minutes. One product that helped the most was an antibacterial chlorhexidine mouthwash I tried. It didn't completely fix the product but it seemed to have negated the smell for a very small amount of time (or it at least seemed like it did). After using it for a while the effects just stopped.
-I feel like food sticks to my tongue and turns into this white layer on top of it sometimes. Most of the time whatever food I eat leaves a smell of it on my tongue.
-I started drinking A LOT of water and trying other dry mouth remedies.

I've made plans to go to a nearby hospital but because of school I'll have to do this in the summer (about 6 weeks left till then). All I wanna know is if someone has any clue on what the hell is going on. I understand you can't examine my mouth or anything but there's gotta be at least some sort of information you guys have. I'll take anything. I can't live the rest of my life like this.