i am slender,more than that,really thin and since birth unable to gain weight.
few years back i had a traumatic incident after which i've really had a hard time eating,unable to eat which still persists(used to take me 2hrs to finish a meal,and weighed 17kgs at 10yrs)
since the past one year i have been have recurrent infections and suffer from acute& severe iron deficiency anemia.i recently had a nasty bout of septicemia(which i think may be associated with my menstruation) and have been having same sickness since then.
when trying to eat,its difficult and after few meals,i tend to throw up or develop diarrhoea. Stomach ache has been a constant in my life.
i have had many treatments,various investigations done which reveal nothing extraordinary then why do i keep getting ill.
i even consider the possibility that i may be hypochondriac... please suggest something