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Does ultram work anywhere near as great as my darvocet did?! will darvocet ever come back?

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kaismama 25 Sep 2013

If you take it regularly, not just when you have pain, it will help for moderate pain, so did darvocet. Some say it doesn't work, but then when darvocet was widely used some said it didn't work (I was one of them)

DzooBaby 25 Sep 2013

No, I dont think Darvocet will ever come back. They took it off the market because it caused heart issues for some people and they decided it was more dangerous than beneficial (even though millions of people took it with good relief) My husband used to take it then he tried Tramadol and he said it didnt work as well as the Darvocet so he just stopped taking pain medication. They stopped the Darvocet because he works a job subject to DOT rules. At the time, Tramadol wasnt a controlled substance so DOT allowed drivers to take it. Now many states have scheduled it. This doesnt mean Ultram (tramadol) wont work for you. It works well for many people. It usually works better if taken on schedule rather than "as needed"

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