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Will ultram help with withdrawal from oxycodone?

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kaismama 6 Oct 2012

It may theoretically. You shouldn't be withdrawing, your dr should be tapering you off of it.

angel1662 6 Oct 2012

Once again I agree kaismama,
I only wish I new then what I no now about pain meds, I have learned so much through this sight and am glad I found it and met a couple really nice friends such as u!! To the poster, I suggest u talk to your doctor about tappering, trust me if u have been doing them for a while u don't want to go through the horrible withdrawals from these meds trust me... GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK


Anonymous 6 Oct 2012

Please be aware that ultram or tramadol can also be addictive.If you are having problems with adddiction to oxycodone & need to get off of them you need to taper down not go to another drug. You also should have a doctors help doing this...

bumblebee90 7 Oct 2012

I totally agree with you Mar (mamasa). Great answer... as usual. Ruthie

Anonymous 7 Oct 2012

Hello Hopeful2277. Yes it can. Best of wishes to you, pledge

Anonymous 7 Oct 2012

The ultram is a weaker opoid, so, it will delay the withdrawal from the oxy. If you are trying to get off oxy by using ultram, it is highly unlikely that will work. Basically, oxy is a stronger opoid, and most people will be suffering so from withdrawal, they will automatically take more ultram, which can be dangerous, and addictive. Tramadol or ultram, has been linked to seizures also and when people stop ultram after a period of being on them, they then have seizures, so if you are trying to get off oxy, and want to know what will work, my suggestion would be to check into subutex or suboxone therapy and some recovery therapy. If you are simply trying to take the edge off of wd until you get your oxy, and you are legitmately rx'ed oxy by your dr, and he drug test you, you will show positive for tramadol and could lose this dr, and be discharged from his practice. Patti

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