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Ultram - what ingredidents does treamaol have in it?

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needtobefree 30 Jan 2010

Please do a lot of research on Ultram before you take it. This medication that has been touted as a miracle/non-addictive/safe drug has absolutely ruined lives as it is hell to get off of. Waking up in the death spiral of Tramadol withdrawal will make the worst hangover you could ever imagine seem like a sunny morning on a featherbed in the Swiss Alps.

paintedblue71 4 Jan 2012

I couldn't agree more. This is one of the most awful meds to come off of. I've been taking Ultram for YEARS now and to do without does make a massive hangover feel like paradise. Don't be fooled with the "non-narcotic" phrase. I've been on much stronger drugs and nothing is worse than the come down from Ultram/Tramadol. If I miss my doctors appointment for my refill I have low grade fever, chills, body aches, ect. It's NO fun!! To anyone who has never taken this med, heed this warning. You do not want to be where I am now! free discount card

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