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Will ultram help with my depression?

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kaismama 22 Nov 2012

While its not used specifically for depression, it does have an anti depressant quality.

Patricia18 22 Nov 2012

how can i explain this to my doctor as this is the only med that helps my depression

kaismama 22 Nov 2012

This can be a problem since they are trying to make it a controlled drug, and drs don't like ordering controlled drugs. You can tell him it has a weak ability to hinder the reuptake of serotoin and norepinephrine. That's what an antidepressent does.

Inactive 22 Nov 2012

When it comes to Ultram for depression; evidence points to Ultram as being a drug that may cause depression due to withdrawals. It should not be used to treat depression.
Very few people have luck with Ultram treating depression. Most of the time, if you hear of someone saying this, it's on a non-medical forum and the individual was experiencing severe pain before and isn't now. Ultram does help pain; usually very effectively. If pain is making you upset then theoretically you might say that Ultram stops your depression. That's not a clinical assessment, however. Ultram solves a different issue from depression - pain.

Take care,


buzz4188115 24 Aug 2014

I am a 6 year out gastric bypass patient. After G.B. surgery you can not take ANY type of ibuprofin, asprin, alive etc. Only acetaminophen. I have headaches fibro myalgia and other aches that Tylenol just doesn't help with. So my doc put me on what he said was non addictive tramadol. 50 mg. Up to 4 per day as needed. I think maybe once or twice I actually took the max. But I also only take them as needed. Obviously sometimes I need them for longer periods. I've been on effexor for years for depression. Suddenly I became so depressed. I was like with is happening to me?

Smoochdog 9 Apr 2015

Ultram or Tramadol is a non-narcotic pain medication which a doctor would not use to treat someone with depression as some pain meds do cause depression with continued use in some patients. However it is true that patients who suffer chronic pain can also become depressed and that if a medication relieves the pain & suffering then the depression would likely subside. So it is safe to say that pain meds can cause depression in some patients but under some circumstances may help relieve it in others.

happybrandee 22 Nov 2012

No... it's a pain medicine it will do nothing for depression.

migrainesuf1166 17 Jan 2017

Ultram does help my depression emensly! I have noticed it for years. I have suffered with Chronic pain and depression for 20 plus years and been on many antidepressants and pain meds and this medication was given to me for pain and the more I took it as needed for pain I noticed I felt normal those days and not depressed. I wish I could get it in place of an antidepressant being that I have no side effects from it and feel better with it. free discount card

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