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Does ultracet contain opiates like regular narcotics?

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kaismama 6 Jul 2012

No it doesn't "contain" opiates. It has an opiate action in the brain. It can be addicting like any other. Ultracet is just 2 medications, tramadol and tylenol.

jk13 6 Jul 2012

Ultracet is not an Opiate. Opiates by definition are medications that either are or have been created from the opium poppy plant (chemically altered). This would include morphine, codeine, and even hydrocodone, a chemically modified variation of codeine (if I'm not mistaken).

Now, Opioids on the other hand are medications that hit on the opioid receptors. This means that no matter what they are made from, if they have that particular action, they then are an Opioid. Medications such as Methadone is one such example. Ultracet / Tramadol is a very strange medication in that it is both a SNRI type drug (many antidepressants fall under this category such as Pristiq and Cymbalta) as well as an Opioid type drug. The chemical utilized has the action of two and is the only SNRI type medication that I'm personally aware of that has the action of activating the Opioid receptors as well as it's counterpart Antidepressant actions (it is not however generally not utilized as an Antidepressant).

Any drug that hits on the Opioid receptors is habit forming (excluding a very few people who oddly can simply stop taking certain medications and not experience any adverse reactions). Tramadol / Ultracet was initially marketed as a non-habit forming drug. This is however far from the truth. The extensive research done on that chemical only lasted for a few weeks. Unlike most Opioid type drugs, dependency does not start for most people until it has been taken for a few months. Once dependent, it is important to taper very slowly as it (according to my doctor) may cause seizures, no matter how easy or difficult the discontinuation may be.

Due to the drugs duality, when stopping the medication becomes much like stopping two medications at once, both an SNRI as well as an Opioid. For many this results in a very difficult task to undertake.

I hope that this information is of some help, and I am of course not a doctor, just some guy who has taken Tramadol for a few years, stopped the medication under a doctors care, and eventually went back on it. I had been off of it for several months, however, the original reason as to why I took it provided more positive results than negative. By taking tramadol I did not need to increase my intake of Methadone (for chronic pain). Once again best of luck to you!

Jeff K

kaismama 6 Jul 2012

Very good explanation Jeff. I am one of those people who can stop it without a problem. This makes me really ticked that the State is trying to take it from us. I've been on it for 12 yrs, and stopped it twice in that time without a problem.

jk13 6 Jul 2012

Thanks! I am also one of those people who can stop the med with no problem, however was advised by my doctor to taper regardless due to the chance of seizures. Now, I'm obviously not up to date on my politics! They want to remove it from the market?

I guess that when you compare tramadol to codeine, it doesn't make sense at first. However, tramadol can help with fibro pain where codeine can not, or at least is not as effective.

kaismama 6 Jul 2012

The DEA and the state of virginia are trying to make it a controlled substance. They're devious, because they will tell you you can still have it, yet they have made the doctors so afraid to order controlled substances that there is no way we can get them. As long as it stays off the list of controlled drugs, my dr will write for it. They make it scheduled and that will be the end for me. I just had to stop the extended release because of the cost, and my pain is increased because of course immediate release doesn't work quite as well. Not looking forward to not having it at all.

jk13 6 Jul 2012

That's awful!! If it weren't for doctors fear of prescribing pain killers, there would be countless people who would not suffer from chronic pain. It is due to prolonged pain that often causes for tke nervous system to break, and not know how to regulate the sensation of pain. It really is to bad. The vast majority of those prescribed pain killers do not abuse them. It's those who take them for recreational purposes that end up over dosing and ruining the care of pain for others. It really is a shame!

kaismama 7 Jul 2012

If someone in the DEA would take time to learn about how pain meds work in chronic pain, and what they are doing to us, they might care but this is their war on drugs and they think they are solving it, instead of creating more customers for the drug lords, and increasing the suicide rate. free discount card

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