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Ulcerative Colitis -- Maintenance - what medication takes away the severe stomach pain ?

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balbanese 14 May 2012

From WEB MD, hope this helps.

Treatment of mild to moderate ulcerative colitis often begins with aminosalicylates (such as sulfasalazine or mesalamine). Aminosalicylates relieve inflammation in the intestines and help the disease go into remission. They may also keep the disease from becoming active again.

Corticosteroids may be added if symptoms continue. Corticosteroids relieve inflammation in the intestines.

For severe cases, stronger treatment with medicines that suppress the immune system (such as azathioprine [AZA], 6-mercaptopurine [6-MP], or cyclosporine), biologics (such as infliximab), and intravenous (IV) corticosteroids may be needed.

endlessPred 15 May 2012

Having had problems with ulcerative colitis my GI doc told me this.

Rectal bleeding, go to ER immediately. Severe abdominal pain (sharp, double you over pain) go to ER. Passing blood clots, yep, ER.

The reason is that the colitis is caused by a necrosis(dying) of cells in the colon. This happens from a reduced blood supply. Mine is caused from long term high dose prednisone. Depending upon the other meds you take, how active you are and how your weight is, this can be deadly. Last time I was at the hospital they had bags of blood ready. Very serious. So please do not ignore the pain. It is giving you important information. I always wait too long and hope it will clear up. I end up in an ambulance.

Please be smart and I hope you get to an ER if you experiencing bleeding.

As for medication, I have been given nothing as the ones mentioned above I could not take. They also do nt want me to mask pain or I would not get to a hospital in time. I would get back to the doc on this very soon.

potter123 15 May 2012

Hey mate, the top two have been very thorough with their answers. I understand the severity of the pain, causes us to double over and i have cried whilst in the toilet. If you are still experiencing pain and thats after you been to the toilet, plus you are already on steroids, then you have to get to DR's or A&E. This possible means currently you are not controlling the Colitis. Maybe you need to be on Aza..
I couldnt belive when i was on steroids for a year,because everytime i tapered down my steroids the UC and bleeding started, so i was put back on a high dose of steroids. Fianally the consulatnt at my Hospital put me on Aza and it taken 3 months to kick in to system, finally... thank god it became better and i am currently off steroids, aza is brill, but again it is a tablet that can cause liver problems.

jebnow 6 Nov 2012

I take Librax for the stomach pain and/or cramping. It def. helps. So does Belladonna.
Hope that helps you somewhat!!

adamblake21 11 Jun 2013

Jebnow is right Librax and Donnatol work really well. If you are having a burning sensation along with the pain Carafate Suspension helps to soothe. Also remember when the attacks begin your anxiety level is about to go thru the roof in anticipation of the pain and cramps on their way. I had to take Ativan as well and it helped me out tremendously to try and relax instead of trying to fight and being so tense makes the pain worse. Also remember that you will have increased gas also and gas pains along with flare-up pains can bring you to your knees. free discount card

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