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Can ulcer cause belching and sharp back pain?

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kaismama 15 Jun 2013

Most definately, and a gnawing pain right below your breastbone.

mohberry 15 Jun 2013

Sure do have some pain around my epigastric region. There some food I take that increase such pains,like coffee,coke and even fries. It comes and goes.

kathyhanson 15 Jun 2013

You might want to have your gallbladder checked too, especially if most of the pain is under your ribs on the right side. Gallbladder pain can radiate into your back.

endlessPred 15 Jun 2013

Watch for blood, either bright or like coffee grounds, dark brown. If either appears through vomiting or stool, do not wait for it to get better. It would mean internal bleeding and you can lose blood very fast. Go directly to an ER and do not drive! Minutes count.

You should see the doctor as soon as you can. Good you know the foods to avoid. So nothing fried or deep fried. You can use over the counter stuff. Not Pepto Bismal or milk of magnesia as these will cover symptoms but not fix them. Tums, Prilosec, omeprazole, etc.are good for relief but are not for long term. free discount card

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