Just asking those of you who are menopausal, did you notice migraines getting worse during the pre menopausal stage? I hadnt had a period in about 4 months (I am 47 years old and this has happened a couple of times where I go a few months between) and Sunday I broke out in a rash of fever blisters on my lip and then started bleeding Monday with a vengeance! I feel like my uterus is trying to turn itself inside out, then early this morning, I woke up with a terrible migraine. I checked my blood pressure and it was 120/72 but I took an extra Atenolol anyway because that generally helps make the pounding go away. Now I just have that having "just been hit by a Mac truck" feeling and although the pain is a dull roar, I can still feel it lurking there, waiting to spring again. I used to get migraines 2-3 times a month when I was on birth control pills, before and after my kids were born. After Nathan, my youngest, I had my tubes tied (plus a few years after that I started the beta blocker for high blood pressure) and I felt a lot better and only got migraines maybe once or twice a year up until say, the last six months to a year ago and I'm starting to get them again. They feel a bit different from the old migraines though. They feel more like high blood pressure headaches but when I check, my pressure is normal. I usually get them in the morning and they feel like my head is going to explode but they are NOT sinus, I know what sinus headaches are like and it is not sinus. These are blinding, throbbing, sensitive to light and smells, I get sweaty and dont want anyone, not even my poor dog who is upset trying to see what's with mama, to touch me or talk to me, it hurts that much. Pain meds dont touch it, in fact, I usually throw them up so I dont want to waste precious meds when I am just going to hurl them back up. Taking an Atenolol and a compazine seems to dull the pain back enough to function but I still feel the pain lurking until I can sleep it off that night. I just wonder, since my past migraines were worst when I was taking the Pill, if these headaches have to do with change of life hormone fluctuations? Any opinions? Suggestions?