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Tysabri - what is the JC virus mentioned by MS patients?

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kaismama 23 Nov 2013

It is a virus that causes pml. Most of us have it in our bodies, however it is never activated. Its activated with immunodeficiency as in Aids or with drugs that cause a decrease in the immune system.

sunflowers313 23 Nov 2013

Thank you for taking time to answer this for me, prayers...

kaismama 23 Nov 2013

You're welcome. This site helps me learn something new every day.

Corried 24 Nov 2013

I think JC Virus is mentioned by MS patients because it increases the risk of developing PML when you are on Tysabri. I understand about 50% of the population does carry the JC Virus, (I know I do), and my neurologist told me that in the first year of getting Tysabri, the risk of getting PML is about 1 in 4000. The risk increases the longer you take the medication, and apparently I am now at a risk of 1 in 150, so they are giving me 6 monthly MRI scans and I have been nagged to get in touch if any new symptoms arise. However, I am much better on Tysabri that on the Beta Interferons that I had for about 2 years before that, and I would definitely recommend it if you are being offered it. Good luck!

kaismama 24 Nov 2013

Since I'm learning here too, do they do a blood test to see if you have it or what.

kaismama 24 Nov 2013

whoops I mean the jc virus

Corried 24 Nov 2013

Well, I'm in the UK, and here they do. I think they only fairly recently started doing that, and the blood gets sent to Denmark or somewhere for testing, and it's months before you hear back. But just because you are already JC positive doesn't mean they won't offer tysabri. I think they would get more worried if you were negative one year, and positive the following whilst you were having treatment. free discount card

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