Hi. So I'm a 27 year old female who's had type 1 Diabetes since age 3. On Monday Jan 15th I was admitted to the ER with DKA. I slept at the Hospital. Horribly I might add. I was there for 2 days. Just this past Wednesday I was unable to sleep despite taking steps to help. Tea, going to bed early, reading a book all that stuff. Sleeping Pills included. Nothing is working and I've never had this happen before. My Blood Sugars have been running high. Like 300 and above. My Diabetic Dr. made some changes to my Insulin Plan. I also suffer from Severe Anxiety and Depression. Those have never interfered with my Sleep before. I also feel Nauseated, Irritable, Anxious, and Restless. Also, at times I will be burning hot and then the next second I will be shivering Cold. I don't have a Fever but my Skin is hot and very Itchy with no Rash. I also use THC Drops. 15MG and it's never Affected my Sleep. I use it once a week. I used some this past Monday. I also wrote an Email to my Dr. Yesterday and am waiting to hear back. So, what could this be and what should I do? Thanks. -Sam