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Is tylex cd The same as vicodin?

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balbanese 11 Jan 2015

No, only the Acetaminophen they have in common.

Homero 11 Jan 2015

So which is stronger out of the two tylex cd vs vicodin ?

balbanese 11 Jan 2015

"Stronger" depends on your need and why they were prescribed, one may work better than the other for you , depending on numerous unique factors about your health/system/condition.

Homero 11 Jan 2015

I have metal pins in my knee due to a fracture i got in the past. I was taken vicodin in the USA. But i just recently moved to Mexico. In mexico the doctor says that there is no such thing as vicodin and he prescribed tylex cd. I'm told by him that its the same drug however i have my doubts because of the pain he asures me that it is in fact stronger that vicodin.

balbanese 11 Jan 2015

This is not a Dr if he's telling you one of the oldest, most prescribed (and most abused) medications doesn't exist. I would go so far as to question anything that comes from this source.

Homero 11 Jan 2015

Well i meant to say that it doesn't exist in mexico that it goes by a different name which is tylex cd

balbanese 12 Jan 2015

Oh, I see. But still, they are not the same, not sure why he's saying there's no Hydrocodone in mexico, most of the illegal stuff comes out of that country. free discount card

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