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Tylenol Cold - My telenol3 is 7yrs. old is it safe to take?

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kaismama 10 Apr 2014

No, get rid of it.

DzooBaby 10 Apr 2014

I'm a little confused. Tylenol Cold and Tylenol #3 are two very different meds but neither one is no longer any good after 7 years. A good rule of thumb is to go through your medicine cabinet twice a year, some people like to do it with the time change (if you live in a state that does change times-I happen to live in AZ and we dont have daylight savings-we stay the same time all year but most states DO change time in Spring and Fall) anyway, go through your cabinet and discard anything that is expired or if there is no expiration date, if it is one year old or more, toss it.

sara12345 11 Apr 2014

A Federal armed services study found pills were still as effective after 10 years. I have gotten the same relief from pain pills that are 4 years old. I would be leery of pills like thyroid meds that I can't tell if they are working or not. With the excessive costs of some pills, I will definitely try pills that are past their expiration dates. With any liquids, patches, etc., I would say no.

sara12345 11 Apr 2014

Plus the age of the pills depends on their proper storage--not kept in hot or humid conditions like bathrooms. free discount card

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