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Is there a twenty mg rocycodone pill?

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kaismama 13 Mar 2013

Not roxycodone, but there is a 20 mg oxycodone pill. They are the same thing.

TINPIN 13 Mar 2013

ok what do they look like? do u know?

DzooBaby 13 Mar 2013

The ones I had were a light sort of pinkish gray color. I only had them once. The 15mg and 30 mg are more common. Brand name Roxycodone only come in 5mg, 15mg and 30mg but you can get generic immediate release oxycodone in a 20mg and 10mg too.

PoisonAlice 13 Mar 2013

Hmm, interesting. I've had them from a couple different manufacturers and they were both a lighter shade of gray, but I've never seen 20mg oxycodone IR pills that were a pinkish gray. I was under the assumption that every manufacturer of oxycodone IR pills had to make all of their pills the same color, like all the 15mg oxycodone IR pills have to be made green by all manufacturers, etc. I know that the 10mg ones are pink. The ones I was getting a while back (can't remember from which manufacturer, most likely Mallinckrodt though, as there's a Covidien/Malinckrodt/formerly Tyco factory a little over a half hour from where I live and I know that they provide the area with a lot of the prescription generic opioids) were bright, bright pink. They were such a bright shade of pink that they looked like candy! Good thing I'm never around young children! And the 30mg oxycodone IR pills are always blue... and I believe the 5mg ones are white, though I've only seen one of them once.

DzooBaby 13 Mar 2013

I have had 30's that were white, myself, made by Ethex-not so light blue they were almost white but actually white. No they dont have to be the same color. I thought they looked pinkish gray-the 20's, I mean-perhaps they were just gray but they were a weird gray. I wish I could remember who the manufacturer was-it was one I wasnt really familiar with. I have seen 5 mg that were orange as well as white ones and also brown and beige capsules. I have seen 15mg that were yellow and some that were peachy in color. So I know they are not always the same color but most of the time they are similar in color like you said-15's green, 5's white and 30's blue, but not always. I've see a lot of different pills though when I did Home Health. free discount card

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