I have had my tubes tied and bleed profusively so the doctor put me on Depo, Has IT made me crazy. I have never felt like this before and this is only the first month of having the shot. I have terrible dreams, horrific. My thoughts are unreal as extreme of violence that someone is going to hurt my children or family. I am happy one minute but angry and anxious the next. I am very self aware that my attitude and usually easy going personality is going away. I don't know what to do but to ride out the 3 months and hope that my children still know who I am. The doctor acts like this is a common situation. This is not normal. Is there a way to cancel it out of my body. I have night sweats, day sweats and tremors. I can't do physical work or I am soaked to the bone dripping wet with sweat. I haven't gained weight, food is far from my mind. I get shortness of breath and I worry about what it is doing to my health and mental status. Does anyone have any helpful ideas about what I am going through. This was supposed to be for my bleeding from many cysts that are throughout my ovararies and major cramping, which has not stopped. I am leaking brown mucky mucus, like spam covering, but darker. Are these normal reactions that anyone has had from this shot? I really need so inside help in this dilema. So if anyone has some answers I would really appreciate some feedback. I am also going to write the FDA and see where that may take me. Good luck to anyone else who is going through this. Thank You.