I had a total thyroidectomy due to Hashimoto and cancer 10 yrs ago and it has been awful since the removal. On ANY dose of T4 my TSH is ALWAYS .0004
Currently I take only brand name 50 cytomel and 25 synthroid. (I'm prescribed 50 t4 but t4 makes me too anxious)

The only way the TSH has increased is to eliminate the daily T4 and continue only 50 cytomel, the TSH has been as high as 42 in 6 months.
Also if my dosage of 50 cytomel is ever lowered I go into full body spasms, edema, hair loss, etc.
I have had numerous endos and no one can figure this out and they all change my dose, decrease t3 and increase t4, slowly... and then I suffer for a year only to beg them to get back on the dose of 12.5 t4 and 50 t3.
Now my current endo retired and I dread an upcoming 5th journey down hypo-hell circle. AND NEVER A REASON WHY I HAVE A SUPPRESSED TSH ON T4.
Does anyone know why this happens to me?
I also have low D, calcium, and high parathyroid, that is monitored. And I have chronic Lyme disease.