I've been taking vicodin for 7 months now first I had gall bladder surgery then got hurt on the job a month later been in pain ever since had to have surgery on my right wrist and now going to therapy twice a week which is very painfull. I normally take about 8 pils a day go through 30 in 5 days. Even though I'm still in lost of pain with my wirst I don't want to take vicodin anymore I want to quit cold turkey I know if I don't take any for one day my knees start to hurt and then I get body aches which I can handle I just would like to know how long it will take for the withdraw to be over with. How bad can it get? Is it dangerous for me to stop cold turkey my doctor put a hold on my vicodin so I have no choice I'm glad he did though he put a hold because he want to talk about me pain management but he hasn't called me back need answers thank you