I been taking Klonopin for over 6 months. Prior to that, I was taking Xanax for 3 months. I stopped cause I was told that X was more addictive. Both work good. I feel less DRUGGED with Klon. But, I want to eventually get off it. I tried to take it less. Normally going up to 3 days without it. During that time I feel my body have random painless muscle spasms throughout my body. From one spot on the side of my back, (particularly my TRAPS) to my toe. (just one) I also become very irritable. Getting angry easily. Withdrawing from everyone. Anxious, Unable to sleep. Very hard time focusing, or express myself. When I'm on it. I am relaxed. Though it has it's drawbacks as well. I tried going to a DR. . I told him I wanted to get off the drugs. But, he told me that because he WASN'T my personal DR., he CAN'T do anything for me. SO, he prescribed me Xanax. Anyone with experience having gone through the withdrawals and relapses of Xanax KLONOPIN, and the most effective way to get off them your insight would be much appreciated. Thanks for hearing out!