I can't believe there was a time when I either didn't bother to get a physical every year or barely gave it a thought. But living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue will definitely make you take these appts seriously. I feel like I walk this fine line between coming prepared with questions and concerns and basically doing my homework on new drugs or treatments and looking like I'm a hypochondriac, annoying patient who thinks she knows more about the syndromes she has then her doctor. ( even though sometimes I really feel like I do.)

Well unsurprisingly I have a few concerns to discuss with my doctor tomorrow. (*side note my Rheumatologist is also my GP now and will be giving me the physical.) Right now I am taking 45mg of Savella a day, 10-15mg of Adderall along with a multi vitamin, 2000ui of Vitamin D, Fiber Pill, Acidophilis pill, 2 Fish Oil Omega 3's and 2 DHEA pills.

Issue #1 I don't feel like the Savella is working. I've mentioned this before to her and she told me to increase the dose but after 3 months of being on 75mgs, I had horrible dermatitis all over my face, trouble falling asleep and constant stomach upset and still no pain relief. I'm back to 45mg and just don't see the point if it's not working. I also think whether it's the pain causing the depression & anxiety or vice versa I'm starting to think it might not be a bad idea to be put on some type of antidepressant/anxiety pill at this point so it would mean coming off Savella. But what should I be looking at. I am 5' 7" 135lbs. I feel satisfied with my weight, but wouldn't mind losing another 5lbs. 5 years ago I had almost a life threatening reaction to Wellbutrin. When I was put on Paxil, I felt numb and I gained 25lbs in 3 months. It was insane and took me 3 years to get that weight off. Hated that drug. If I take something for depression, I need something that won't cause weight gain like that or it's just not a worth it to me.

The Adderall has literally been a God send. Because I no longer get into the deep sleep my body needs because of Fibro, I wake up utterly exhausted and I remain very tired and in a fog every day. I have two 20 month old twins and this drug has allowed me function semi-normally as a mom and feel safe driving a car now. Not surprisingly it tends to dull the pain a bit and lift my mood which is a bonus. But it's an amphetamine so this isn't a shocker. And I worry about building up a tolerance ( my pediatric dose already seems to be less effective after several months) I worry if I got up to a higher dose that I will I have heart issues and Adderall rage. Should I be looking a drug like Provigal instead and if so will it help with my attention problems, Adderall has been fantastic there. I honestly hate to give up Adderall but just concerned about long term usage.

Lastly two things that have been a problem for over a year now and really need to be addressed are my occipital neuralgia and possible TMJ. I don't know for certain I have tmj but I do know I wore down my crown in my molar in a matter of days. I wake up with a headache in the back of my head every morning and it the occipital neuralgia is always present some days are worse then others. On the bad days, the pain is so bad I sometimes have a hard time almost forming sentences, it's like I jumble my words and lose my train of thought every 10 minutes. My entire mood just tanks and I am extremely irritable. I notice the pain gets worse at certain points in my cycle. I either need something that I can take a 4-5 times a month on the days the pain is unbearable or I need to look at some neuralgia drug? Should I gets sleep study?

So to sum up... I need something that will wake me up so I can function during the day but not negatively effect my mood or prevent me from sleeping. I could use something for the super painful days and maybe I need to look at something for depression?

I can't believe sometimes that not so long ago, I was a pretty happy, social, healthy, active person. Maybe if someone actually knew what causes Fibro and Chronic Fatigue for sure and what it actually is, I would be more accepting of this "new" me. :( Does anyone have any drug recommendations, other therapies I should ask about or you recommend? Should I get a referral for a neurologist? Any thoughts on questions I should ask, tests, etc are appreciated. ( I've seen an endocrinologist and thyroid is fine.)