my wife is trying to get off of suboxone. She has been taking one 2mg suboxone for about a year now, weined down from 20mg per day over a 2 year period.
She flushed the remainder of her prescription and hit the bed on Friday. She is having some detox symptoms and I guess that is to be expected. I was wondering, her drug of choice for years prior to cleaning up with suboxone was lortab. How many mgs of lortab is equal to one 2mg suboxone? Just want to know how "rough" this is going to be on her and how long this detox will last. Her life is right now and she has totally disconnected herself from the people and places that got her hooked years ago. So, I think she is ready to quit alltogether, and more importantly so does she. Trying to be supportive and help anyway i can. Thanks in advance for the answer.