Ive been on Suboxone/Subutex for a year and a half and I am now attempting to get off. I am a new member and I was trying to contact Robert_325 directly but I don't know how. I am a former heroin addict and I am tired of being a slave to the pharmaceutical industry. I have already tapered down to one and a half 8mg pills a day and I am looking for assistance tapering all of the way down to zero. I have already tapered off Vyvanse 70mg per day on my own but getting off of Subutex worries me much more as my body seems to like opiates more than any other drug, from my experience. Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Also, if any members would be so kind as to tell me how to get into contact with Robert_325 directly or indirectly I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.