I am 26, and I was on opiates for 3 yrs, and eventually worked my way up to 4+ oxy(80)mg a day, I started going to methadone clinic, and yes I have heard all the negative feedback about the place, but I am greatful I went this route... I am down to 20mg a day, but since I get a wks worth of takehomes,I have really only been taking 10mg.Tired of paying all that money for what seems so little, my head is finally right, and I am SOOO passed getting high, I dont even think about it anymore. I tryed one other time at 30mg and felt like I was dieing by the 3rd day.no sleep.anxiety.sweaty, but cold... god pure hell! Decided to wein myself off methadone myself, and again am now down to 10mg... but havent taken it at all for 2days.I know methadone has a half life so the "real" withdrawls will take longer to kick in. I can say they are nothing like they were at this point when I tryed this off of the 30mg. ON to my question... My bf (who is not an addict) went to his doc for klonopin just so he could give them to me. I have no insurance so I dont have access to all the other things mentioned on here, so the klonopin really is my only POSSIBLE help. They are 1mg tablets, and I am limiting myself to 2 a day(prefferably)... one mid day... one at night to sleep. I dont expect this to keep me from experiencing any pain at all just make it to where I can function and not just want to die... does anyone think this will work? Has this worked for anyone? and also is there anything over the counter for the restless legs/muscle tension that LITERALLY has made me want to cut my legs off and gives the filling of needing to jump up and down but your body wants to do nothing at all (past experience) any feed bak will be greatly appreciated, and my prayers are with all who are/have gone through this... people dont understand how painful this is unless they have been there themselves... their remedy is " just stop"... I think we all wish it were that easy... OH ONE MORE THING... how long (est) will the worst of it take to get through using the klonopin? Sorry for the LONG writting, just am really needing help preferaby from someone who "has been there"
<3 Jami