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Is it true once a c.section always a c.section ?

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LaurieShay 26 Nov 2013

no, this is not necessarily the case.

kaismama 26 Nov 2013

Some doctors follow that because of the risk of the uterus rupturing during labor along the old incision line during a VBAC. Some drs will offer a choice.

Keisha93 26 Nov 2013

Ok thanks

MacIntosh12 26 Nov 2013

Hi Keisha93,
No, try googling VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesearian), which speaks for itself.
Wishing you all the best!

Keisha93 26 Nov 2013

I sure will thank u

TinaB22 26 Nov 2013

It all depends on the person and the doctor. I had one n my doctor will only let me have them now..

Keisha93 26 Nov 2013

From wat I was told I will always have them and my limit is 3 kids

kathyhanson 26 Nov 2013

As others have said, no that is not always the case. I had C-section with my first child and I was going to have a natural birth with the second. However, they found that I had placenta previa, so another C-section was required for the safety of both me and the baby. If your second pregnancy is uneventful and the baby is not too big for a safe vaginal delivery, most OB doctors would prefer for you to deliver naturally.
Best wishes.

Keisha93 26 Nov 2013

Oh ok thank u a lot

DzooBaby 26 Nov 2013

This used to be the case, but not so in all cases anymore. It depends a lot on the reason for the first c. section. If the baby's head was too large or the pelvic bones too small or wouldnt stretch, this is likely to be true for subsequent pregnancies (although not always). If it was due to fetal distress, this may not happen with subsequent deliveries. There is a certain amount of risk in VBAC (which stands for vaginal birth after c-section) because, as posted above, vaginal delivery puts a great deal of pressure on the healed incisions of the previous surgery. It can be a possibility though, but it is a case by case basis AND also depends on how much experience your OB has with VBAC. The best thing to do is like Mac said, research it, read all you can about the procedure, talk to your OB and ask him/her about your options and what they think, and discuss pro's and con's in your individual case.

Keisha93 26 Nov 2013

This helped a lot thank u

endlessPred 28 Nov 2013

If there was repair work required during, prior, or after the c section, the risk will be high for a rupture. However, if it was a clean c section without complications, then it depends upon the doctor, as others have stated. The more complicated surgery is on the uterus, say for fibroid removal or having endometriosis, the more risk. Having had such surgeries, I was scheduled for a c section two weeks before the expected date of term and all went well. Most important, have a wonderful pregnancy and a healthy baby with a safe delivery. free discount card

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