I have had nexplanon for almost 4 months and I have my period every other week. It would not be so bad but I have terrible bleeding the shortest being a week and the longest being 19 days. I am so nauseous that I can barely get up to take a shower and go to work. My periods before this were horrible and I can't deal with them anymore. Now that I am married we want to keep from ever having a baby so I don't know what to do. Periods without nexplanon were terrible and periods with them are almost as bad. My sex life is awful. This thing makes me too sick to have sex and when we do I bleed so much we can't do it again until the bleeding stops and by that time I'm on my period again. So I have sex maybe twice a month if I'm lucky. Hormonal methods don't work for me. They have all made me too sick to deal with. I have though about having a hysterectomy but am not sure if that is the right path for me. I'm only 19 years old. Someone please help me, what should I do?