I started taking pain klllers to help with a work inury. Had two shoulder surgeries in 2 years, rehabed got healthey but still kept the pills going. My job is physically taxing so its been diificult to kick the habiit. Its been about 6 yrs now ive battled goin on and off. Ive tried tappering off but if they are in the house im gonna take em. Ive thrown out bottles of pills only to grab the on the street 4days later. I keep goin back telling myself that ive never takin more than the perscribed amount but i know it shouldnt be 6 yrs later. I hide it from my family. Bought 2 10mg percs today, flushed one ate one. Was clean 3 days before today. I see most people are taking so much more than me i feel like my issue so weak, i dont know. So now what?