started at 15mg for sleep a year ago, and to wean me off Ativan that I took for sleep for 5 years. (after having a baby, I could never sleep)
40lbs later, time to get off remeron. doc started a very slow taper 6 months ago with the use of a compounding pharmacy. towards the end, I was feeling good and sleeping well on 5mg. They wanted me to start a liquid titration. Took 5mg, and it sent me into a tailspin. shaking, agitated, etc... and no sleep. went back to the 5mg capsule and still couldn't sleep, shaking, vomiting., etc... doctor thought I was having now some sort of allergic reaction. immediately dropped me to 2mg capsule while take 5mg of melatonin. I did that for 2 days and slept great, and felt great. weird because it was a drop from 5mg. after 2 days doc instructed me to stop the 2mg, and go to 0mg, with the melatonin. could not sleep a wink last night. allshaky and woozy head all day today with a lot of nervous feelings rushing through my body. gonna try again tonight. when should my body relax and allow me to sleep again. I wouldn't think the withdrawals/discontinuation should be so bad dropping from 2mg. I started ofcourse worrying that the 2mg capsules weren't done properly and maybe they are higher.however, the people in my world around me here say that's extremely ulikely, next to impossible, coming from a very reputable compounding pharmacy. I just couldn't understand why I feel it so much. How long am I looking at here? I take no other medications at all, except for the natural melatonin I bought at whole foods, 5mg.