Initially 3 mos ago my internal med doc saw me for dull achey pain in both hips
down to me knees. This started in both legs at the same time. My initial creatine
Kinease level was 584. My doctor was puzzled because I am no meds that would elevate the creatine kinease level, had any body trauma, ran a marathon,
or take illegal drugs, which were questions he said would to a elevated level. The following 5 weeks, on mondays I had my creatine kinease levels drawn.
2.( 384) 3. (240) 4.(340) 5.(230). A preliminary diagnosis by my doctor is myositis, no more. I then had and emg done by a neurologist, and that was normal. In the meantime the dull achey pain spread in both legs down to my calves. The emg was normal according to the neurologist. My doc told me a
muscle biopsy would be definitive for myositis. I looked at the
website and read where a mri would be in order. The mri' i had of both
thighs,on friday 3/15/13 showed a preliminary result of tronchanter bursitis
according to the mri technician. The detailed report of 500 pics went to my
doc who i have not talked with yet. Do I have the muscle biopsy to really know whats going on? or go with the diagnosis of Trochanter bursitis?.