I am still seeking the best possible treatment for my severe migraines and so far, the only med that I have been able to take long-term with good results has been Relpax.
However, I usually have to take more than 40 mg. after years on it now and I only get six pills a month--thus, they go FAST!
I am on a wait list to see the best headache specialist in my area--I hear he is quite amazing.
He does the Botox injections, which I qualify for--has anyone here received Botox treatment for migraines? If so, what was your experience like?
Also, I think I tried Maxalt for a short time (it was helpful); however, it seems the doctors in my area do not typically RX Esgic or Ergot-type migraine medications (such as Migranal).
Anyone taking either of those that have tried Triptans?