This is my first time taking Anti-Depressant meds. I was having extreme anxiety and depression at work – (breaking down often) along with depression caused by recent health issues in my personal/family life. I was on Lexapro for only 5 wks when my doctor switched me to Trintellix. I've only been on it for 5 days and am taking it in the morning.
The first three days, I experienced headaches, morning nausea with vomiting and feeling dizzy and foggy. The last few mornings I took the med with food which seemed to handle the nausea but I was left feeling dizzy and very foggy for hours-- it was difficult to find my words and think clearly. Yesterday, I avoided driving my car until 5 hrs after taking it but still felt foggy and got into a car accident which was clearly my fault. I spoke with the pharmacist who said that I could try taking the medication before bedtime. Does anyone take this med at bedtime?
I’m thinking of going back on Lexapro since the side effects were far less and I’m thinking that it might help my anxiety more than Trintellix since my depression isn't that severe. I would like to be able to get back to work soon and be able to think clearly. Any feedback would be helpful.