I took Trintellix only for about a week. I decide to stop due to side effects and the nurse practitioner decided to switch me to Lexapro 20mg. I have a history of Lexapro working off and on for me so we figured "upping" my dose would do it. Little did I realize, Trintellix doesnt leave the body right away. I stopped Trintellix not last Thursday but the Thursday before. Then I started Lexapro the following friday. Anyway, last Saturday, I am doing my usual. I took one dose of Lexapro both Friday and Saturday morning. Saturday evening rolls around and i go to the store to get some things and I come back home and eat a cheeseburger with coke. I have a headache so i call the pharmacy and ask if extra strength headache relief is OK to take with Lexapro. They said should be fine. So i did. About an hour later, my heart suddenly skyrockets and I couldn't get it down for anything. And my body felt like it was on fire. Like it was burning. I was very sweaty and clammy. Muscles felt fidgety but stiff. I felt so confused and out of it. Everything seemed like a blur. I called the ambulance. Get to hospital and they ask questions while putting IV and heart monitor on. I was there for 2-3 hours being monitored. Long story short, I'm sent home. I can hardly make it from the bed. Walking alone makes me feel like I'm going to pass out. But i did it anyway. The next morning, I am feeling the same i did last night. I decided to light a cigarette. I take one puff and again..my heart skyrockets. So again..ambulance. And they kept checking me then sending me home after finding all tests came back normal. They kept thinking it was anxiety. At first i thought it was a drug interaction between the Lexapro and headache relief med. But my doctor tells me she should have weened me from Trintellix and waited a little bit til I try another med. Even though I improve more each day, I still feel lousy and my nervous system is so sensitive, i cant consume anything that will stimulate it or even take hot showers or my heart rate skyrockets. I survived but nonetheless, was the most scariest day of my life. Did this happen to anyone else? I am still wondering what happened exactly