I am a 57 year old black female I've been taking anti-depressants since I was 16yrs. I've tried at least 24 medicines over the years. I realized that the generic drugs don't work for me that has helped knowing this. I've been trying the newest anti-depressant Pristiq was most recent, side effect of that was horrible taste in my mouth that never went away Cymbalta generic caused that too So on to Trinillex very effective now it's nausea won't go away I have Zofran I've taken that for chronic narcotic pain med nausea but it doesn't help with Trinillex nausea. I'm at my wits end. I've wasted so much money on meds that don't work or couldn't tolerate side effects. I'm also on Lamictal for years with no problem but it doesn't work without another anti-depressant. My Trinillex dose is 10mg lower dose of 5mg wasn't working. Also I'm on Medicare so they don't cover most non generic medicines so co-pays with the newer anti-depressants are over $100.00 for 30 pills my psychiatrist is giving me samples at this time because I can't afford that. I'm so discouraged at this point. I've put up with side effects for as long as I could stand it just because otherwise the anti-depressants worked. I have so many other health problems that depression is a Side effect. So medicines for that is causing more side effects then I have in the first place. I'm so sick and tired of this my life revolves around how sick I feel that day and what medicines I need to take an after all this I still don't feel any better. Rescue Me.