I've been on trinessa for about a year and a half now and I've gained weight?Ive gained about 7 pounds since being on trinessa to me I look the the same but the scale disagrees. I dont have bigger breasts if anything theyve fluctuated in size and seem smaller to me now. I like trinessa for the short periods but Im crazy moody and tense all the time and I cant seem to 'take care of myself' alone like i used to be able to. I need stimuli like my boyfriend or something which late at night alone is inconvenient you know? my question is can anyone suggest another birth control that wont make my hair fall out or cause me to gain pounds? i know its subjective but this is crazy you know? I was a day late with my period and I drove all the way across town to get a blood test to see if I was pregnant... after an iffy test though. but bottom line is is that it wasnt like me and I looked back on it and i wasnt so paranoid and moody when I wasnt on this... HELP!