I just started on my third week of TriNessa birth control yesterday. I started taking them less than 24 hours after my period ended and have been taking them at 5:00 every day on the dot. I also had unprotected sex with my husband twice yesterday. Do you think we might have accidentally concieved? Or, are we in the clear?

Another thing, after two weeks of taking this birth control, I had a little itch down there and I thought I scratched it a little too hard because it hurt real bad for the next couple of days and it felt raw. So then my husband and I had unprotected sex (this is when we were using the pull out method) and shortly after, his pee hole was dark red and he said it hurt him when he pee'd, and he got these two small circles on his shaft that ended up scabbing.
By the way, I've never had a yeast infection before this.

What is going on with us down there!?